Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift
American singer-songwriter
Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer-songwriter. One of the most popular contemporary female recording artists, she is known for narrative songs about her personal life, which has received widespread media coverage.
Born: December 13, 1989 (age 27) Reading, Pennsylvania, United States
Height: 5′ 10″
Net worth: $280 million (June 2017 estimate)

Alanna Masterson

Alanna Masterson
American actress
Alanna Masterson is an American actress who is known for her role as Tara Chambler in the AMC television series The Walking Dead.
Born: June 27, 1988 (age 29) Long Island, New York, United States
Height: 5' 8?
Partner: Brick Stowell
Movies and TV shows: The Walking Dead, Peach Plum Pear
Siblings: Christopher Masterson, Danny Masterson, Jordan Masterson, Will Masterson
Children: Marlowe Masterson